There are certain rules of the Brajabandhu Mahavidyalaya Dramatic Society.
1. There shall be a Dramatic Society for the College called “The Brajabandhu Mahavidyalaya Dramatic Society”

2. All Students of the  College shall be member of the Society.

3. Every Student of the College shall pay Rs. 10/- to the Society’s account in the College office per year at the time he pays his College fees for the session.

4. The Principal shall be the Ex-Officio President of the Dramatic Society.

5. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following members.

a. President : Principal ( Ex – Officio )
b. Vice-President : A member of teaching staff nominated by the Principal.
c. Any other member of the staff nominated by the Principal. A Secretary from any class of +3 stream and Assistant Secretary from +3, 1 st yr.and IInd Yr. classes are to be elected by all the students of the College from among themselves.
d. One representative from each of the class voting separately.

6.Election of the members of the Executive Committee shall be held every year on a date to be fixed by the Principal. 7. The Executive Committee shall perform the following duties

a.To prepare and pass the Annual Budget.
b. To recommend to the President the name of the play to be staged and the dates of dramatic performances.
c. To stage the Annual Drama or One Act Play on the College Annual Day.
d. To get the expenditure out of this Society audited.
e. To sanction the expenditure out of the fund for the purchase of property, for the up keep replacement of articles for the Dramatic Society.

8. All decisions taken shall get the approval of the Principal.

The Secretary and the Assistant Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and maintain the account of expenditure under the direction of the Vice-President,.

9. The Secretary or the Assistant Secretary or both of them may be removed from the office if found incompetent in discharging their duties by the Principal by vote of no confidence passed by not less then 2/3 of the members of Ex-ecutive Committee specially called for the purpose and rectified in meeting of the General Body of members called for the purpose.

10. The quorum for an ordinary meeting of Executive Committee will be four.

11. The Principal reserves the right to alter on amend or abrogate any of the rules mentioned above. If a member wants to alter or amend any of the rules, this must be passed by a 2/3 majority of the members of Executive Committee in a meeting especially called for the purpose. Such alteration or amendment shall get the approval of the Principal.

12. The Principal is the final authority in all matters of the Society.